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    I Will Lose Sleep Tonight

    because I may be touching an elephant

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    "We don't know what we don't know."
    "None of us knows for sure what's out there; that's why we keep looking. Keep your faith; travel hopefully. The universe will surprise you, constantly." The 13th Doctor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JCavilia View Post
    "We don't know what we don't know."
    I've heard of many theoretical mathematics models based on what we observe today that suggests that before the big bang, there was a period of rapid expansion of something that probably consisted of space/time, but then, what was it and how did it then lead to the bigger BANG??? Like a primer explosion that lasted a few hundred thousand years that then "allowed" a break... enough force to overcome the gravity of an initial singularity???

    From the outside, assuming that there was an outside, an observer would have seen a show but outside would have existed beyond our ability to ever perceive!!! Now excuse me for a bit. I think my elephant needs to go out and poop!

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