Jeopardy - spoiler alert !!!
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    Jeopardy - spoiler alert !!!

    I'm on the east coast, so for those of you in later time zones (or those who DVR the show) - no, I'm not going to spoil it for you.

    I am just trying to illustrate how unnecessary it is when people on this site feel the need to "share" the results of races without posting a "spoiler alert" message.

    I was pretty pissed when both the local and national news broadcasts that aired before the show had a report about Jeopardy that was prefaced with "spoiler alert" so that I had time to quickly turn it off. But if you have been following the show, it was pretty obvious what was going to happen in tonight's episode.

    So I hope my "spoiler alert" didn't spoil it for you. Unless you are one of those people that feel the need to post race results, in which case, yes, I hope I did. Of course, if you didn't want to be spoiled, then you should never have even opened this message.
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    Give how close he was to Jennings record, the spoiler could technically have been for two very different outcomes.
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    3 people playing the same strategy at the same time? Did Jeopardy set one of them up to fail??? No Spoiler!!!!!!

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    It was a hell of a game. I hope she has a good run. She has all the knowledge, and lots of skill and strategic thinking. There's an interesting article about her today in the New York Times. She's been a Jeopardy fanatic since at least high school - she actually wrote her master's thesis on a method of analyzing Jeopardy clues.

    By the way, she knew literally nothing about Holzhauer's strategy and record (his existence, for that matter) prior to playing this game. The game was taped in late March, more than a week before his first game aired.

    A lot of online commenters are saying his weirdly small final bet looked like he was throwing the game, but it was a perfect bet, as was the new champ's. She bet enough to win if he bet everything and they both got it right, and he bet enough to beat the other guy (by $1) if he and Boettcher got it wrong but the other guy bet everything and got it right. He couldn't beat her if she got it right, so his small bet was the best hedge he had available.
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