Maple Bar Appreciation Thread
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    Maple Bar Appreciation Thread

    I can't really eat donuts anymore. It's like Scotty throwing a wrench in the warp drive--It doesn't do a bit o' good, and everything just shuts down. But when I do indulge, there is no better donut than a maple bar.

    Sugar, fat, dough, all covered with maple. Oh my. I love anything with maple. Maple syrup is the real nectar of the Gods. (Don't get me started on that maple-flavored corn syrup that passes for maple syrup in pancake houses and homes all across this nation.)

    Don't fill maple bars with custard or cream or fake custard-like substance. Nothing can ruin a good donut faster than putting crap inside it.

    From what I've read, maple bars, also known as Long Johns, are a west coast thing. Can this be true? Does the rest of the country not know about these marvelous concoctions?
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    That pic gives me locker room flashbacks!
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    I don't really eat donuts anymore... haven't had one in a long time. But I'm with you. when I do indulge, I go straight for the maple bar.

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    +11 trillionty. Maple bars have been my downfall for many a failed "nutrition plan."

    It may spring from when I was a very small kid. My Dad was a WWII vet, and when he came back he started a diesel mechanics shop. I used to love to go into work with him- All the giant trucks, and engine parts, big cigar chompin' mechanics, and MAPLE BARS in the break room.

    I can't eat them at all anymore though, they make me sick.

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    Thumbs down

    maple = *hurl*

    slather mine in chocolate, pls. (c0de)

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    They have almond scones at work that also have a drizzling of frosting on them. Mmmmmmm.
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    Maple bars rule!!!
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    My favorite treat from our local bakery when I was a kid was their maple bar. Their maple topping was creamier than other bars including those beauties piled up in the picture. They're still around making them as well as lots of other delices such as their coconut twists. And their sugar donuts put Krispy Kreme to sheme.
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