Never Prank Your Pu$$y
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    Makes me wonder what she's done to that cat in the past.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by No Time Toulouse View Post
    Makes me wonder what she's done to that cat in the past.....
    I've gotten similar responses over years... some cat are more limbic.

    The shocker for the human is, they appear to look right at you, but that portion of their brain shuts down and they continue the aggressive pattern. I held a pet against my clothed lower leg for about 5 minutes until the tail flicking and low growl stopped... and I still bled.

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    Not proud to say this, because I like cats, and animals in general... but if I was being continuously attacked like that, I'd probably eventually boot teh kitty in the face.

    Again, I do like cats... but I like not bleeding even more.
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    Nothing new.

    Anyone seen a TV program My Cat From Hell?

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    We had an indoor/outdoor cat growing up that got banned from the house because he was just too aggressive. He lived 16 years outside. He stayed super aggressive. Wed have to warn people not to go near him. He did his job though, hed kill 6,8,10 things a day in the spring. Hed get a bird and pull off its tail feathers and use it as bait to get other birds to dive bomb him. Hed wind up with a pile of birds. Frogs were his favorite. The only thing hed kill and not eat was rats. The Racoons were terrified of him. He would fight cats with no posturing at all, no puffing up or hissing. Hed just go right after them. He was super nice to our other cats, but if you wandered onto the farm you were going to have a problem. He was crazy, freaky smart too. He could be very loving with us, but not with strangers.
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