New used bike day!
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    New used bike day!

    New used bike day for me! I found a slightly used matte black Canyon Endurace and after some back and forth it's at an REI in NC right now waiting to be boxed up (see pic).

    This will be my first Shimano bike, my first road bike with hydraulic discs, and my first experience with tubeless wheels (28mm too).

    Overall it's a more relaxed bike than my current setup (a BMC SLR01) which better suits the types of rides I find myself doing lately. I'm a bit nervous about the vertically compliant spring leaf seat post as I'm right up against the weight limit on it and because I imagine bopping up and down on it as I try to put down power, but can always swap that out to stiffen things up.


    no idea why this won't attach inline.
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    Sweet! How does the seatpost affix in/to the seattube? I even went to Canyon's website to try to answer this. Looks very clean, surely not an expander bolt in the post.

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    The bolt is in the back by where a rim brake caliper would mount to the frame. Here's a really neat video that addresses how to adjust the seat angle
    "That pretty much sums it up. I'm 43 and my max is ~178-180. If that HR chart was mine or Froome's, we'd be on the verge of death. But for you it probably looks like a normal workout." -TLG


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    happy new bike day

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    Srs Q: Is it as good as a Trek?

    Truth: I* have not purchased a new bicycle since I was in high school, back when pterodactyls clouded the skies.

    I currently have five bikes. Seeing your new ride makes me want to make it six--that's a good-looking machine.

    (*To be fair, my wife bought me a brand-new mountain bike--a Cinelli--in the pre-suspension days, when some were still calling 'em "ATBs").

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    Nice looking bike, My buddy has one in Orange/Red. Loves the bike but hates the seat post. It squeaks something god awful as the two components rub each other.
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    Yea, on the seat post. .... Remove it first and take all the connections apart, take some wet/dry or emery cloth and sand the surfaces that met in the center and all around the outside. Then do the same on the interior of the seat tube.
    That eliminated all my seat noise issues.
    You'll love the bike.

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    N+1 Eva!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 9W9W View Post
    no idea why this won't attach inline.

    Very nice ride. You're at the "weight limit" only for a week or two. First rides in February I drop 20 lb easily and mostly salt and water. Next, loss of appetite as one is fixated on longer days and getting in a ride not matter what the consequences. A new ride is a motivator.

    And what duriel said.

    And loved what xxl said as well, using key notes such as, Cinelli and [ATB].

    So true.

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    I have the Di2 version of that bike (different wheels) in XL. CF SLX 8.0 Disc. Same color and all. Mine came with 40mm Reynolds carbon wheels (which I dearly love). It was a 2018 model.

    That seatpost is a wonder to behold. It works the same as any other round 27.2mm seatpost in how relates to the seat tube. The split halves are how you adjust the seat angle. You do have to remove the seatpost, loosen a screw and adjust the angle.

    Once you get it set though it's no trouble at all.

    The thing has compliance for days though. It's easily the most comfortable bike I've owned in terms of fatigue over long rides.


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