Which one of you moreons is Thomas Alcock???
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    Which one of you moreons is Thomas Alcock???

    I know you're in here somewhere...


    "When police came he wanted to get some fresh air and left the property.
    "Unfortunately he tried to get past the car and accepts he caused the damage by doing that.
    "He couldn't recall anything from that evening due to the amount of alcohol he'd consumed."
    In mitigation, Mark Mangano pointed out that despite having no recollection of the incident, Alcock had pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Opus51569 View Post
    I know you're in here somewhere...
    I haven't been known by that nickname in a few years but I can still bring it.

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    Sounds like he went off half-cocked.
    "None of us knows for sure what's out there; that's why we keep looking. Keep your faith; travel hopefully. The universe will surprise you, constantly." The 13th Doctor.

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    Not Thomas Alcock, but my name is Samson Ironcock. Senator Samson Ironcock, if you want to go all formal. Sen. Samson Ironcock (I, Nowhere) if you're into PO.
    I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?

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