Park of South....
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    Park of South....

    Does anyone else find this show flat out funny? Im screwed as my wife does not approve of the show.......I laugh but keep it in til' night....butters randiton of "Please don't go"....haunts me now. It's OK, I will laugh myself to sleep.
    So I tuned the Larrivee, drop D, then DADGAD.

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    I'm more of an American Dad guy.

    Oh, and Rick and Morty. Awesome show.
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    Proclaimer, the choice is clear. Lose the wife. Even if you have to walk 500 miles.

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    It's erratic. At worst it's gross juvenile humor, moderately creative (but still funny). At it's best it is hilariously brilliant and vicious satire, cutting to the heart of big issues. Have you ever seen the episode titled "Best Friends Forever"? About 2005, I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SPlKE View Post
    Proclaimer, the choice is clear. Lose the wife. Even if you have to walk 500 miles.
    That's right. You know what to do.
    proclaimer 41BD5Y3YGQL.jpg

    And thanks for that Spike.
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    there's a few SP episodes that were really good, but the only animated series I regularly enjoy is Archer...

    but sadly, the latest season is kinda lame.

    great artwork, weak story line...
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