Patio furniture, wine, everyone gone
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    Patio furniture, wine, everyone gone

    These are all things that make work more tolerable. Opened a bottle of wine with one of my partners on our front porch this afternoon. Attractive college student across the street was on her porch drinking a beer and reading a book. The weather is perfect and our new patio furniture is really comfy. My partner (and everone else) left so I'm sitting at my work computer with a glass of wine. I think I'd be really happy if I could work by myself with a glass of wine and all the windows open on a picture perfect day. I wouldn't be very productive but I'd be happy until I ran out of money. I'd poast a pic (including the college neighbor) but I don't have a camera. More work days should be like this.

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    Grey Manrod
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    Amen, brother. Amen.

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    Where do you get an application form for a job like that?

    I've been trying to enjoy a glass of wine on an old cedar deck chair on this bucolic evening. One probem: My neighbour's dogs keep barking - one of them is a beagle, with a evil, soul-shattering welp that comes out of nowhere. As usual, nothing's done about it. Sorry, I must sound like Mr. Grumpy.
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    Don't need no patio furniture; don't need no wine. All I need to be happy at work is some peace and quiet. I get more work done between 5:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. when everyone else in the office has gone home and clients stop calling on the phone.

    Don't tell Mrs. Mac about the new patio furniture. We recently bought some new furniture for the reception area at the office. Mrs. S was not amused -- she felt that the money would have been better spent on improvements to our house than to my office. To Mrs. S all of this just confirms her belief that I feel more "at home" at work than I do at home.
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    Are you looking for an assistant?

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    You don't need a camera to post a pic. Just breakout the old sketch pad and draw away.

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    Ah man, it just makes me want to build a patio on the back of my house even more. I should soon be able to work from home. Sitting on the back porch in a nice comfy chair would be great and a nice change from cube world. I am concerned that with the peace and quiet that I will soon run out of work and have to go into the office for more. I will deal with that once I get there.
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