People dog voices
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    People dog voices

    long ago realized I talk, reply with my dogs imagined voice.....i never talk this way with company, only my dogs.......seems I communicate with a
    "south park" voice with my dog Bear, and a drunk Howard Cosell with Ginger. I hope my wife understands.
    So I tuned the Larrivee, drop D, then DADGAD.

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    What I find so fascinating is that a fellow creature with no need for extended vocalizations outside it's "wild ancestry" became so intent on human language AND an ongoing attempt to understand.

    It's as if our vocalizations have a similar effect as a cat's purr has on us. They read temperament and sometimes meaning, but if said in the right way, you can put them to sleep while saying almost any vile thing (which is hard to do unless you are naturally vile)!

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