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    The Punt

    The most perfect athletic performance with consequence. I had the opportunity to watch some collegiate punters hit it yesterday. Total grace...Not the glory of a kicker, as the most likely won't get points. It is spectacular to watch how they hit it....never mind the tecs....Watch the turn..when it flips, turns over...hard to explain. I think Ray Guy was the best...I want to punt..all day long.
    So I tuned the Larrivee, drop D, then DADGAD.

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    I get the same rush watching a svelte woman with long hair, playing a cello.

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    I went to Northwestern in the mid-80s when their team was horrifically bad and talked to the teamís punter once. He said he was grateful for the scholarship but every punt was an experience in terror. Huge steroided guys from the likes of Michigan, Ohio State and Iowa were in his face every time. He was running for his life every time he got the ball it seemed. Just getting off a punt was an accomplishment. Meanwhile in the stands we entertained ourselves by trying to throw marshmallows into the bandís tuba. Fun times, fun times. 🙂

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    I like volleyball warm ups, not the hitting but the early ones. All the volleyballs up, and down, up, and down.
    Stout beers under trees, please.

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