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    Quote Originally Posted by Ibashii View Post
    I swear I remember Louis XIV rolling into court on a golden Trek.
    But did Trek make him a good bike?
    Monkhouse: I want to go like my Dad did – peacefully, in his sleep, not screaming in terror like his passengers.

    System: Fake news?? Trump's a Fake President, for God's sake.

    Plat: I'd rather fellate a syphilitic goat than own a Cervelo.

    Homer: I believe that children are our future. Unless we stop them now.

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    I don't believe the 75mph claim. I would believe 75 kilometers per hour. That would be almost 47mph which is more believable.
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    updates for this thread keep hitting my mailbox....

    has the collective considered that this was filmed on a long multi-mile decline? the road doesn't have to be flat.

    I'm a big dude with mass to move and I hit 40+ mph on long downhill stretches around my place. I'm usually busy not shitting my pants to do much spinning on my 50/11T. I'd imagine, drafting a wall on say a 5 mile gradual downhill can yield speeds in excess of that....though now that I think about it I'm not sure if 35 miles in excess of that.

    takeaway: the road does not have to be flat... i can imagine this being a multi mile downhill coast off a mountain range of something...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxpilot View Post
    I don't believe the 75mph claim. I would believe 75 kilometers per hour. That would be almost 47mph which is more believable.
    I highly doubt that was 74km/h. That was a freeway, and see the below info. I highly doubt the truck was travelling 74km/h on the freeway.

    Maximum speed limits in Brazil are as follow:
    •Main divided roads and highways: 120 Km/h (74 mph)
    •Urban roads: 60 Km/h (40 mph)

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    Quote Originally Posted by atpjunkie View Post
    not in a draft like that, you aren't factoring in the vacuum effect. I have drafted some trucks and going 40 mph with the effort of an 18-22 mph non drafted ride
    It appears to me that they hit top speed when they are going down a long hill as well...
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    When I was a volunteer firefighter/paramedic we used to call these folks (often on motorcycles) "organ donors." The first person to die in my arms was one of these.

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    the video title stated 124kph, so I asked Siri and she said about 77mph. It looks like they are spun out when attempting to pedal at some points. Looks about right to me. I believe the record is about 140mph or something when drafting. I think a huge chainring was involved in that as well.

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    I don't get how they can even sit on the saddle with balls that big.
    It's a fire road.............
    I'm on a road bike..........

    They have enough in common to blast down it.

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