Running with 'da Bulls
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    Running with 'da Bulls

    Well I'm back from my run with the Chicago Bulls. A few snipits from the trip. I probably spent about a total of 1.5hr total over 2 days, nice tip.

    There was little to no interaction between me and players, which really is how it should be and how I wanted it to be. I had a second driver with me and I let him be lead and I followed. Big mistake.

    We use GPS for our navigation, safer that way. This knucklehead continually missed turns on a 15 min drive from the airport to the hotel. What I found out later was that after he started missing turns, he picked up the PA microphone and tried to become the "entertainmant", giving a guided tour of all the rusted out steel mills that his "grandparents had labored in when they came to this country." The team trainer told the guy to put the microphone down and step away. So rule #1 with pro and alot of college teams is "shut up and drive, don't hit anything or anybody and be as low profile as can be." Rule #2, don't become the entertainment. When we got to the hotel, the Trainer set the time for the next pickup in the morning and decided that I would be the "designated driver" for the rest of the trip. I sort of read between the lines when he mentioned to "do your homework on getting from the airport to the hotel on a less circuitous route". I had my one error too, taking them from the hotel to arena. I went and scouted out the route before hand and found where everything was located. Now there are several ways to get from point A to B and my route was different than what they had in mind, I went to turn right and several voices said "STRAIGHT" so I went straight hooked up to where I needed to go and got their w/o incident. Next time I asked in advance to leaving if the route that I had chosen was okay.

    Game time, I have to hang with the bus in the event of needing to evacuate, saw a little of the game by watching it on TV near the TNT A/V truck that was broadcasting the game. Did get a bite to eat before the game began and even that was eventful. The Cleve Indians played that afternoon, the Cavs that night. So what happens in Cleve when the schedule is like that? You get people who make a fool day of it, meaning they go to the Indians game and drink all afternoon, go to the bars and hang out until the Cavs game and go drink some more. I order my $4 Jumbo hotdog and $3.75 soda and begin eating and watched a 30 y/o something male adult blow chow on the floor in front of me. Obviously from drinking all day and night, something had to give. That's it for me running with the Bulls.

    Observations: Alot of the pro players have freakish body proportions. Sort of like teradactyl like hands and feet and wing spans.

    They didn't dress particularly stylish, most wore jeans and a jacket, low profile dress. And No Hiphop crap. Didn't the NBA ban that sort of stuff for players?

    From the airport to the hotel I had 4 staff members on my 56 passenger bus. The conversation those guys had on the way in was, if you didn't know they were part of a pro sports team you would have thought that they worked for International Widgets or something. So and so is a prima donna and won't do this or that, accountability starts at the top and that isn't happening, how much are they paying him? Just typical office politics stuff, comical.

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    Did they tip like a bunch of old ladies, seeing NYC?

    My guess is NO!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrogant Roadie Prick
    They didn't dress particularly stylish, most wore jeans and a jacket, low profile dress. And No Hiphop crap. Didn't the NBA ban that sort of stuff for players?
    Business casual, essentially. Jeans allowed most of the time:

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