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    He had a big impact on other people, as anyone can see in from thread, and that's a good sign of the kind of person he was.

    Stout beers under trees, please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by azpeterb View Post
    His interview with Dario Pegoretti was hilarious! Sad that both of them are gone now. RIP, Hollywood.
    Praise the Lord for youtube and thanks for posting that video. Now I have an idea of a man I never met but wish I had. A uniquely special guy and gifted sense of deadpan humor.
    I am 100% convinced the internet and social media are not the salvation to human civility.

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    Unhappy How can you cry for someone you never met?

    This so sad news brought me out of the woodwork to pay my respects here to Hollywood Jeff.... it must have been at least 10 years since I last visited RBR but the memories of HW in The Lounge are still vivid, clear and very, very dear.

    Jeff was such a unique character and a great entertainer. I always looked forward to his threads and anything he posted, it was guaranteed to be off-beat and possibly off-colour! But always so, so funny and endearing. Jeff was one in a million and brought so much good energy into his space in the world. HW, you will be missed.

    How can you cry for someone you never met?

    My deepest sympathies go to his wife Julie and to his family.

    I know some influential people, like the guy who runs the door at the convention center." PAUL CHRISTOFORO

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    Like Orbit above me, I am coming out of the woodwork here to pay my respects to Hollywood Jeff.

    He is the sole reason I have stayed in the FB groups he started and I always looked forward to all his cool people and places recommendations for me when I made my LA trips over the last few winters. I had hoped to catch up with him this past January when I was out there but he had moved north by then and our paths weren't able to connect.

    Godspeed Jeff and my sincere condolences to Julie.
    MTB'er in disguise

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