Saw new Tarantino film
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    Saw new Tarantino film

    Me and Sogno saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood last night. A treat! I won't give out any spoilers, and some have complained that it debases genuine events, but if you keep the film's title in mind as you watch it'll all make perfect (okay, close-to-perfect) sense. Pitt and diCaprio are an ingratiating pair. Potential actor noms aplenty. Pace is leisurely but it never drags. I grew up in that area of L.A. during that period and Tarantino pretty much nails how I remember it. Of course, there's no shortage of Tarantino-esque flair. He doesn't forget the eye candy, either. Women show lots of leg. Pitt shows lots of chest. Worth a look.
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    Thanks Mapei - Previews exposes Tarantino-esque flair as stated

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