Socks, just socks.
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    Socks, just socks.

    Our family has generally been fiscally conservative when it comes to Christmas. We raised our kids to think of others before themselves, but they still made out fairly well come the holidays.

    Well, our oldest is 21 now and the youngest is 17. In these difficult financial times we feel blessed that our son has found a job that he describes as "an absolute blast." And that our daughter is a personable and responsible young woman.

    Ok, enough bragging. This year I decided that everyone on my gift list is getting socks, because hey, who doesn't like warm feet? On the Fox River web site I ran across "Socks for Soldiers." It's easy. Click on the wish list. Pick who/where you want to send socks. I sent 8 pairs to Afghanistan.

    It's just socks, but what the heck. Let's keep it friendly and out of PO. If you're looking for some holiday donation, you might consider this.

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    When my new lounge kit arrived, it had a pair of S/M socks in the envelope. I already have two pair that fit. Who wants 'em?
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    I was in the military, and they provided me with plenty of socks. I assume they still do in this day and age. Can I click somewhere to send them fruitcake or eggnog?
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    Quote Originally Posted by theBreeze
    On the Fox River web site I ran across "Socks for Soldiers." It's easy. Click on the wish list. Pick who/where you want to send socks. I sent 8 pairs to Afghanistan.
    Cool. Great idea.

    After folks send socks to soldiers, if you want to make another nice gift that does some social good, Mekong Blue scarves was started by a retired Episcopal priest, Ann Walling, who set up an organization to teach poor women in Cambodia to weave high-quality silk scarves as an alternative to going into the sex trade.
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    Good thick socks that can go in a dryer rock out there. Be careful with wool, most will shrink. When I was in Iraq, someone sent good socks. Loved them. Make sure they are black

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