Those Fancy Zippered Soft Plastic Bags...
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    Those Fancy Zippered Soft Plastic Bags...

    that your zoot 100 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets come in... waddaya do with 'em?

    Thank Dog I'm not anal enuff to think that I could/would intricately refold the sheets to fit back inside, but I am anal enuff not to simply throw the bags away!

    So, what say ye? What do I do with the bags (as he subtly boasts about his new 100 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets)??

    Too big for the legal amount of pot I can have in Ohio.
    Too small for most body parts of my victims.
    Too nice to store fecal matter to fling at drivers that offend me.
    Too flammable for cooking my Christmas Roast Beast.

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    Recycle them as party balloons. Write the appropriate slogan such as Happy Birthday! or Congrats! on them with a marker and fill with helium. Then you just leave them at the party and let the recipient worry about throwing them out.

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    Give them to small children to play with. They always find creative and harmless uses for things...
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    Use mine to keep a small blanket I keep in the car nice and dry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akirasho View Post
    So, what say ye? What do I do with the bags (as he subtly boasts about his new 100 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets)??
    pffft.... My Corsa G+s are 320 tpi..........

    Quote Originally Posted by Retro Grouch View Post
    Use mine to keep a small blanket I keep in the car nice and dry.
    You'd be more comfortable if you stored 100 tpi Egyptian Cotton sheets in them. Or maybe poke air holes in the bags to store your monkeys when you go out for a ride. They might have to be Capuchins. Would they still fit in a jersey pocket?

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    Mine holds the lotion the girl I'm keeping in a pit rubs on her skin, or she gets the hose again.
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    I save mine up all year and then when we go to the beach in the summer I toss them in the ocean. Nothing like recycling and letting the plastic get back with nature.

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