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    They're all different, so advice and experience from other parents aren't worth much. Talk to them, and listen to them.

    A story: Our first two sons are 30 months apart. When my wife got pregnant with the second one, we talked to the first one a lot about the "new baby" that we'd be having soon. One day my wife caught number one talking to himself as he paced around an empty room, saying, "They're going to get a new baby; so they'll throw the old baby away, I guess." So we got a heads up about some issues to clarify.

    There were no big issues when "new baby" came home.
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    Just sell the older one to the Circus.. bonus.. he (or she) may eventually become a super hero or sidekick when some joker comes to town..

    Yeah.. I'll see myself out

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    Quote Originally Posted by JCavilia View Post
    "They're going to get a new baby; so they'll throw the old baby away, I guess." So we got a heads up about some issues to clarify.
    ...I would have said, "with the bath water."

    Now who is ready for a bath?

    //Mrs. TMB and I are barren by choice.
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    I was 1.5 years old and just getting settled when my sister came around.

    A couple of years later, I (allegedly) tried to poison her with Midol, and she got her stomach pumped. In my defense, I was a stupid little kid, and she was even stupider for eating whatever I scrounged up. I don't remember any of this.

    Anyway, I say there's no such thing as a "good time" to have a kid, or a second, or a third and beyond. Have multiples, it's more work but it all gets over with at the same time. Space them out and it's endless diapers. An only child might mean they end up insane and/or spoiled.

    Don't worry about the timing or the number, just focus on raising decent humans while maintaining your own sanity! Congrats!
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    You have a nice age gap going on. I suspect the overall workload will destroy any model you might consider about doing this the best way possible. Its a wonderful idea! Just manage the best you can. Give them love. Remember, they learn from what you do not what you say. Be role models. They can handle lots and lots of bad parenting, haha and still be fine. We have one and shell tell you she loves being an only child. Shes intense. Shes a good kid. Started out with terrible colic. It was brutal. She never slept. Ever. She went to daycare and split time with that and grands. We had become resigned that wed have none when she came along. She isnt spoiled at all, shes a hard working kid. When she turned 13 space aliens took her and replaced her with demon spawn. 3.5 years later they put her back and she was a little adult who was funny, incredibly smart, socially conscious, and responsible. For her senior year in high school we dropped all rules. All. She had a good job, a theatre obsession and more AP classes than I could keep track of. She got to road test being responsible for herself and her decisions for 9-10 months before moving out and going to college. She has done well. This weekend shes flying across the country to LA to her first of 9 interviews for fully funded PhD programs. USC is wooing her.

    We were no poster for great parenting. But she was smothered with love from us and from spending tons of time with her grandparents, all of them. My wife and I both work a lot. She adapted to that because thats we do. Give them both as much space as you can consider still safe. Its good for them. Trust them. Allow them privacy and personhood. Be firm but never violent. Ever. Their relationship is 10 times more about them than it is about you. You will kill this. They will be great kids.
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    Thanks, Everybody.

    #2 has arrived so we'll see how it goes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetdog9 View Post
    Thanks, Everybody.

    #2 has arrived so we'll see how it goes...
    Congrats.. and you are doomed.. just kidding.. mostly.. or am I...

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