Toad the Dead Sprocket
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    Toad the Dead Sprocket

    In Florida (a.k.a. if The X-Files were a state) residents must beware of the dreaded cane toad:

    Because the toads are not protected by conservation laws, they can be killed, but there’s a catch: Even the poisonous amphibians are protected by Florida’s anti-cruelty law. The recommended method of humanely euthanizing cane toads is to rub a small amount of numbing agent like Orajel on their bellies, placing them in a plastic bag and freezing them for 48 hours, according to American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines. After that, the toads can be disposed of, said the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

    Given his penchant for nicknames, and his aversion to reading, I've decided to shorten Donald J. Trump to it's essence: Dump*

    I was "social distancing" before it was cool.

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    In a State where hunting and killing animals is legal and acceptable I can only assume conventional methods of knocking off an animal were not being used on toads is they need special laws so it makes me wonder how to heck people were killing them.

    Were people tying up toads in their basement under a hot light with no water and blasting Justin Beiber music until the croaked (pun intended)?

    Not sure why toads would be singled out for special treatment although admittedly I'm not really up on Florida hunting practices. Are people chasing down deer and rubbing them down with Orajel before killing them?

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    I'm astonished with all the little critters running around in Florida someone hasn't opened a wet market yet.

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