An unfortunate series of events
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    An unfortunate series of events

    Have any of you weirdos gotten into this Netflix series? I've watched 2 of them and am not sure I want to get into this. So far it's like a cross between Oliver Twist and Alice in Wonderland with shades of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.

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    Maybe I'm lucky. I started watching but was in a bad mood so it didn't hold my attention. It reminded me of an old ABC series that I DID like, "Pushing Daisies".

    Then, my ass was distracted by "The Umbrella Academy" and I never wandered back. I'll prolly go "Stranger" first.

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    Well I went forward and a started watching this series. I just finished season 1. It is entertaining and full of inside jokes. Neil Patrick Harris is terrific and Patrick Warburton is very good too. Baby Summer is in a class by herself. Look away, nothing good will happen here.

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    I read the books in 7th grade and found them incredibly hard to follow, and a rather dry read. I'm glad that Netflix did a better job with the story.
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    I watched the first season. Never read the books.

    I wanted to like it. I didn't dislike it. But it never really worked for me beyond the level of "ok".

    I'm not sure why, really. But mainly I think NPH when he goes over the top isn't my cup of tea. Felt the same way about Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Wanted to like it, didn't really much like it.
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