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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug B View Post
    Attachment 321840I built a three string cigar box guitar this past December. I play it with a slide, fret less. I can't play a normal guitar very well, but this CBG is pretty easy. It has a piezo pickup.

    I'm planning a dobro CBG build with humbuckers.
    Ben Prestage has a few videos on You Tube where he's playing a two string guitar made with a cigar box and dowels, and also the drums.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Ross View Post
    Yes it's a Roland guitar synth (G-303 guitar, modded w/ a Kahler wangbar and a Bill Lawrence pickup in the neck position that's selectable between single coil and humbucker). I also have the original blue GR-300 synth box that goes with it. Don't get a lot of call for that sound these days, but when you do there's nothing else like it!

    Yeah, I'm a Crimson fan, though I'm not sure that's what prompted me to buy the GR. Originally used that guitar with the GR-700 synth in a band that needed big atmospheric thickening, but that synth sucked, so I sold it. The guitar is a real keeper though, so I just figured I'd let the hex pickup/electronics go dormant and use it as a "normal" guitar. And then a few years later I found an incredible deal on a second-hand GR-300 -- $90! -- so I couldn't resist.

    Yeah, I love that PRS color too. Back and sides are a deep cherry red, like that classic Gibson SG color, and there's a thin natural maple binding between the red and the yellow top. One of the producers who regularly hires me for session work calls that guitar "Mean Mister Mustard"

    That Ibanez is not one of the GB models, just a lowly Artcore AF-75. Feels fabulous, but could stand to have the pickups upgraded.
    I'm familiar with the PRS construction. I was early on that bandwagon ('86) and actually was considered a lower tier endorsee @ one point. I have one in the all red, an 85 or 86 custom flame top and an 86 Whale Blue Signature
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    i'm learning all the positions of minor pentatonic scales for the first time in my life! it's pretty exciting. i learned a couple positions when i took lessons twenty years ago, but never followed up with how to use the entire fretboard. youtube has been a tremendous resource, especially the Marty Music guy.

    i started with A minor, which came pretty quickly. now i'm trying to learn a few others and hopefully get it all in muscle memory.

    love that A minor is the same fingering as C major, and if i move the minor scale down the fretboard three half-steps, it becomes the major scale of the same key. but i'm just trying to focus on the minor/blues stuff right now.

    i'm all ears if you have some youtube vids to share and other recommendations.
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