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    Been trying to keep up with some coding stuff, watching videos about JS and regex. Fascinating, but daunting. Also running and speedbag. TCM has some great classic movies with no commercials, so I'm trying to get caught up whenever I catch one from the beginning.

    Made a pizza for lunch, but no yeast, so I used baking powder, it was more like a deep dish style crust. Not horrible, just odd. Should do another curry one of these days, came out pretty nice last time around. Cookies came out pretty good.

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    Restoring a vintage flat track bike.

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    Still running about 40 miles a week, and bicycling around 100. The gym is closed, so also doing some hiking on my lunch breaks at work. Still very busy at work, since they are not replacing lost employees so I'm doing the work of two people now that we lost someone in our group. Found out Thursday that salaried employees are being cut to 80% and down to 4 day work weeks, so I'm getting every Friday off for a while. My boss said it would be appreciated if I still came in on Fridays, as we have a lot to do. I laughed at him and walked out for the weekend. After the 2009 fiasco I worked 5 day weeks for 80% pay for 5 months, and I've been bitter ever since seeing as how good the economy was and we never got even the slightest amount of back pay of bonuses for it. If they do it again I'll be extremely disappointed to say the least.

    Lots of stuff to do around the house, and I have an emergency fund in place, so I'll take the time off all summer if it's available. I like 3 day weekends
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    Riding a lot. The whole thing has become highly complicated as my sister is in hospice, rapidly nearing the end, so there has been a lot of driving, and paperwork.

    And sitting in a quiet, dark room listening to music.

    Almost anything to drown out the voices in my head.
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    TOG, I'm sorry about your sister...don't really know what to say. I've got 4 siblings, all still living so I don't know how it feels. But I am likely to find out seeing as I'm the youngest.

    Anyway, I hope you find the strength you need.

    Love, J.R.

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    I'm still working. Classes and other work online. I've made sure to be available a lot to reply quickly to students, usually within 15 minutes.

    That's important when what I am replying too includes:

    Two grandparents covid positive, one dead, the other recovering and hoping to be healthy enough to undergo chemo soon....

    Two alcoholic parents, bad home situation in other ways, family worried the father might commit suicide.

    One of those students will get a top grade, the other ended up dropping. Two of those kinds of stories in a semester is a bit above average. I have more than 2, and a host of lesser ones.

    But hey, at least I have learned to make some Sichuan dishes pretty well. So let's go with that what I am doing with myself beyond work. Dan dan noodles, mapo tofu, twice cooked pork, and gong bao shrimp. So far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Touch0Gray View Post
    Riding a lot. The whole thing has become highly complicated ...
    Been there, and I have a good idea what you are going through. I am sorry to hear you are facing this now.

    The best I can say is that better hospice than a hospital. I tried to keep that in mind, and it helped a bit.

    Help others, take time for yourself as well, which it sounds like you are doing. Beyond that, keep turning those pedals over, metaphorically.
    Stout beers under trees, please.

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    Keep the faith, bro.

    One day at a time.

    Tough news.

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    Me? Discovered the secret to easily-produced, commercially-available antimatter. Have made ten kilos of the stuff already.

    Sure hope that force field holds.
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    So sorry to read this...

    My sibs are getting old (like me!) but all doing OK--but Mrs Pare lost her sister 20ish years ago--hardest thing she has gone through--and the grief colored her and my life for a long time...

    Sending you positive thoughts to cope
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    Very sorry TOG - very little I can say that would help ease the pain I'm sure, hang in there, and stay safe.
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