Why Is It So Damn Hard...
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    Why Is It So Damn Hard...

    to find a simple shower curtain in a solid color?

    I'm not talkin' 'bout finding something on the web, but just walking into a shop and finding something with a bit more quality than what you find at your (my) typical dollar store.

    My bathroom is predominately light beige and I've always accented that with forest green (shower curtain, rug). Every where I look, people want to put some kind of print on the damn thing!!! What????

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    I totes hear ya, man.

    For instance, I'm always trying to find a nice pastel-colored garden hose for my frequent 'it rubs the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again!' moments with the girl I keep in a pit in my basement... but, nope, they only come in green or blue.

    Even pit-girl complains about it.
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    ...to find navy blue slim fit t-shirts with no pocket? Gone from the face of the earth.

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