The Work 'Bot Thread
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    The Work 'Bot Thread

    An interesting turn of events involving Liquid Nitrogen and my work 'bots has caused me to start looking for a new pair. This pair of Mesa ACERs has lasted a year, and are pretty thrashed.

    Mesa's are off the table. Not Very Reliable... Not portable (whose trailers have scared the crap out of me on occasion)...and not stealthy (though not a requirement).

    First on my list areTALONs TALON Robot | EOD, HAZMAT Removal, SWAT | QinetiQ North America. I already own a pair which is a bit too thrashed for the field. These are my garage bots which serve me well. $149 for bots and $20 for inserts. I have used these bots for 16 hours and never have had a problem with comfort.

    Any other suggestions?
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    I recommend one of these:

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