YouTubers: Post your channel here so we can meet you, view, subscribe!
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    YouTubers: Post your channel here so we can meet you, view, subscribe!

    I thought it would be a good idea to create a thread where any of our forum members who have a YouTube channel can post a link to their channel here so that we could meet each other, find new content to watch, support each other, and subscribe to each other without spamming up the rest of the forum with self-promotion.

    Itís always interesting to learn what people have got going on on the side!

    Please post a link to your YouTube channel here and tell us what kind of videos you post. Iíll help support everyone who posts here. Iím looking forward to meeting everyone!

    Many of us have small channels with under 10,000 subscribers. Itís very tough growing a new channel because small channels donít get their videos shown to people by the YouTube algorithm. We are 100% responsible for getting every single video view until we grow enough to trigger the YouTube algorithm.

    Iíll start things off:

    I do a talk show recorded in the first person view, where I chat with the most promising up-and-coming models and actresses from across North America. The interviews/chats are recorded very up close and personal, filmed in 4K60 in a professional studio. The channel is pretty new, but there are some really good interviews/chats posted. Weíve got a bunch of new episodes recorded we are in the process of editing to be posted on YouTube.

    Hereís my YouTube channel:

    Please leave me a video comment and Iíll check out your channel! Iím looking forward to seeing what everyone else on here has got going on!

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    OK, six trivial response posts to your name, then a come-on to a professionally produced YouTube channel? Spammery at it's best.....
    "L'enfer, c'est les autres"

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    I mainly focus on cycling on my channel:

    My claim to internet fame was from this video:

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    Oh, your channel's genre was not expected. Haha.

    It's an interesting style.

    I'm working on different stuff for my channel. I'm going to be giving tips of going on your bikepacking adventures and more montage style of videos.

    What I really want to do is do a separate cycling poetic video where I talk about what cycling does for me or what I talk about in my head as I'm riding. Heh.

    Anyways, I mess around with styles and I'm proud of this video:

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