I've been coerced into joining my company's team for this event. Not a problem other than I hate the fundraising aspect. But that's not my question...

As the office resident cycling "nut" (you know the "nut" in your office: talks about riding all the time, skips work to ride, has cycling webpages open during work hours, shaves his legs, gets Col. Cyclist catalogues at work....heck, you are probably your offices' nut too) I kind of had to do the ride. But just to be different and since I'm not going to use an entire day just to ride 75 miles, anyone want to do the century with me???

I've done centuries alone before, but usually on familiar roads. I did a solo century once on an unfamiliar route and ended up at 120 miles. So, if you are doing the MS150 and want to ride 100 each day...post here. We'll hook up somehow.

...now...the next challenge....explaining to my wife why my roommate assignment is a 25 year old gorgeous blond female.....gawd I love clerical errors! (just kidding, OK, just fantasizing)