a cure for noizy RSL bottom bracket/paired with campagnolo groupo
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    a cure for noizy RSL bottom bracket/paired with campagnolo groupo

    MOOTS RSL mounted CAMPAGNOLO UT has been often a problem around the BB adaptator (BB30 UT 46 x 68).
    the matter is, as a system, unless everything is perfectly right, it doesn't work without terrible unwanted noise under pressure....
    but all in all, the press fit system doesn't make much sense: 2 cup simply press into a frame in a spot where huge forces are applied, without side effects.... well I don't think so.
    as a bicycle mechanic myself, I understand the interest of the bicycle industry to choose this option especially with carbon fibers frameset. glueing a thread, or simply making a hole to receive the BB, neither good really....
    I feel and search for an answer and it came from the US (see the link below). it works 100%, you are pressing AND tied!
    yet my tips to leave all the noise behind once for all: you also need to apply some ceramic grease (SRAM or else CERAMIC SPEED) inside de cups (quite generously).
    voilą, my little tips of the day!

    CeramicSpeed All Round grease, 10 ml - CeramicSpeed

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    Praxis sure have helped a lot of people with those bottom brackets so far.
    use a torque wrench

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