First time posting, everyone has to start somewhere I guess....

I found this thread while looking for reviews of the Motobecane Fantom CX which I got for myself about 3 weeks ago from BD. I wanted to see what others thought about the bike.

It's been a great bike so far although I'm still getting used to riding a road bike(sore elbows, numb/sore hands) as opposed to standing or sitting upright on my BMX bikes. The last geared bike I owned was a Murray 10speed as a teenager 25+ years ago so riding leaning forward is awkward and I think I've used the drops 3 or 4 times in 3 weeks of riding the bike.

There are no other geared bikes in my stable to compare this too so ignorance might be bliss with this bike but I think it's a good value at $460 as part of the pre-black friday sale that BD is having. It's reasonably light, weighs less than my 26lb Interceptor26 but a lot more than my son's 15lb Ripper Jr. Weld quality is great and the finish is good although fragile as I noticed leaning it up against a concrete post while taking a break scratched/chipped the paint. It's a nice looking bike and I've gotten compliments to that regard. Sora/Tiagra combo shifts well, cantilever brakes work well although I don't feel like they have the power to lock wheels like the v-brakes on mine or my son's BMX bikes. The seat might get changed out soon if my rear end doesn't get used to it and I'm looking at getting a shorter Ritchey 30degree stem to bring the bars in and up a little and bring my torso up so I'm not putting so much weight on my hands/wrists/elbows. Otherwise I'm going to leave the bike as is.

I did have a LBS slap it together and left off the additional brake levers on the tops and they cut some new brake lines to use with the brifters and rewrapped the bars to hide the brake cables. Usually I assemble my own bikes but was intimidated with the derailleurs and losing the extra brake levers but since then I've dialed in the shifting myself after watching a few Youtube videos on adjusting Shimano derailleurs. I got a little wild and crazy and added a pair of Ibera water bottle cages to it as well and found some yellow Nalgene water bottles to match the bike