Road rides in CT
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    Question Road rides in CT

    Hey there,
    I'm moving to Brooklyn CT this summer and I'm looking for some places to ride in the area. Looking for 20-50 mile routes, hills, and smooth roads. I usually ride in nearby Scituate RI but I'm looking for some new areas. Some mountain trails for the single speed would be nice too(do I get banned for saying that?)
    Thanks for the help!

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    these guys are fun to ride with...

    click on the "schedule" link...

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    I know there is a small bike shop nearby in Putnam,CT. Jason has some organized rides. saturdays a 2PM is one of the bigger ones. Time may have changed so check it out. Jason is the best wrench around if you have any bike repair needs

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    There is a series of books called Short Bike Rides, published by Globe Pequot Press.
    I have one called 'Short Bike Rides in Connecticut', that has a bunch of rides in that part of the state. You can go to their site:
    If the Short Bike Rides series doesn't come up, just type 'Short Bike Rides' in the search window. They also have Eastern Mass, and Rhode Island.

    There used to be a shop in Willimantic called Sunshine Bicycles. Great resource, if they're still around. I used to hang there when I was in college (long time ago, don't know if they're still around).

    Also, the State of Ct puts out a cycling specific road map (believe it or not). You can order it on the web by going to, and then searching for Bicycle Map. It's awesome, and it's free.

    You're moving to a great part of Connecticut. If I could convince my wife to move again, it would be to Eastern CT (I'm in Central CT).

    Good luck with your move, and keep your wheels down.

    Sean Murray

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