• 08-10-2009
    Hillier than Thou 2009: Sunday, August 23, 2009 @ 8:00 AM local time
    Anyone on this forum doing:

    Hillier than Thou 2009: Sunday, August 23, 2009 @ 8:00 AM local time
  • 08-10-2009
    I may. Don't know for sure. Equipment issues.
  • 08-11-2009
    We have about 16 guys and gals from our LBS this year. Probably four to six will do the metric. Registration is on Active.com and there is a practice ride on the back half of the course on Sunday Aug. 16 which starts in Port Murray at the school on 57.

    Warning: some climbing involved.:cryin: Below are ride reports:


  • 08-11-2009
    Ken Roberts
    Looks like the official info about this year's event is linked from

  • 08-19-2009
    Registration info
    2009 continues the 25th Hillier & CJBC 40th celebration as we return
    to classic climbs in a new form. 100mi/race will be 10.6-11.4k vert.,
    bit easier compared to past races. Ride the "Highlands Region" of NW
    NJ, a rural and preserved area. Every route is a beautiful, scenic ride with
    few cars to be seen or heard all day. 2009 adds many rider requested
    roads and climbs, many never beforeused. Chosen by LAB in 1996 as one of the
    three best century rides. Regularly cited in bicycling magazines and
    blogs as on of the best in the US. Try the new easier, metric 62mi or visit
    Weird NJ sites on a scenic, easier 50mi Belvidere Boogie.
    Optional Hillier Race/TT Any rider interested in finding what
    their capabilities and potential are should try the "Hillier Hustle"
    100mi Open Road Race/Time Trial. Join 200+ of the strongest riders in
    the Northeast over the widest range of 100miles youíll ever cycle.
    Top riders will get CASH and the Winnerís jersey for Men, Women, Jrs.
    and Masters (by age category). There will be a race prime for 1st up
    Fiddler's Elbow climb. Help support the US Bicycling Hall of Fame.

    Rider Support
    Enjoy the post-ride gourmet BBQ provided by Madelineís Table as we
    add more amenities and support that raise this event beyond a
    century/benefit ride and any race that you've ever done. We LISTEN to
    our riders every year by incorporating multiple rider ideas and suggestions
    (e.g. clothing drops, energy bars @RRs). There are more REST STOPS on
    ALL routes than typical rides. They will have almost anything needed to
    keep you going. Our cues/arrows are positioned that
    typically no one makes a wrong turn. Some previous years T-shirts will be
    for sale the day of the race/event.

    Location (Directions on back)Camp Bernie YMCA, off RT 31/57 and E of Washington, N.J. (10mi S of I-80, 12mi N of I-78)


    Race announcements: 7:50am

    RACE START Time: 8:00 am

    RIDE/SAG Support ENDS: 5pm

    Entry / Registration
    All registered riders get a T-shirt,
    food before/during/after with a free
    BBQ and hot/cold showers.

    Century, RR/Time Trial or any Metric
    $30 Pre-registration w/ t-shirt
    $40 Day of Event " "

    Online registration fee rebate for 4+
    rider teams/groups -See details at

    $25 for Belvidere Boogie only
    Pre-register ONLINE up to August
    20 12am EST at:
    cfm?event_id= to be announced

    USPS pre-register by August 17
    Philip Apruzzese
    13 Cabot Place, Iselin, N.J. 08830
    Checks/Money Orders payable to:
    Central Jersey Bicycle Club

    For Information contact:
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 732-452-1233 or
    732- 225- HUBS
  • 08-22-2009

    Originally Posted by thegock
    Warning: some climbing involved.:cryin: Below are ride reports:


    Hey, Gock, I just read these ride reports for the 1st time. In the '08 one, you mentioned a ride where a rider crashed and got hurt coming down Ackerman. I was on a Saturday ride last year where 2 guys crashed and got hurt at the last turn on Ackerman. Since I've also been on Wednesday (and Saturday) shop rides in Westfield, I have a sneaking suspicion it was the same ride.

    Of course, since over 50% of the riders from that group are on either a Roubaix or Tarmac, it's tough to figure out who you are!

    BTW, as long as the weather holds out, I should be meeting 2 other guys, plus some folks from that Westfield shop on the Hillier ride tomorrow.
  • 08-23-2009
    Ran into one of the crashees today and the other up at Jay Peak riding off the tram
    Tarmacs, we don't need no tarmacs, we don't have no tarmacs, I don't have to show you any STEENKEEN tarmacs...

    The latter was in January at Jay, what are the odds?