• 06-04-2013
    Hospital for Special Surgery Cycle team
    Is anyone a member of this team/club?

    I'm looking for background of how the team got started, whether they race or ride purely for leisure and how they got the hospital behind them.

    i've seen them out on rec rides like Bloomin Metric but always miss the opportunity to chat with them to learn how they got started. I'm in a similar industry and am curious how to make something like this work.
  • 06-19-2013
    More info on the team..

    Why I Ride with the HSS Cycling Team | HSS on the Move Blog

    "Written by: Dr. David S. Levine, Foot & Ankle Surgeon

    About eight years ago a friend of mine suggested that we start riding bicycles for exercise. As an orthopedic surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery, I was receptive to the idea of maintaining my health, though a bit wary of the possibility of injury while moving so quickly."