Cycling Switzerland

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  • 03-24-2005
    Cycling Switzerland
    My wife and I are vacationing in Neuchatel region this July. I've posted around the mtbr forum -- but, I'll post here as well. Which bike should I bring, mountain or road? My wife isn't planning on riding so I can bring what I want.

    Are there some great road rides in the region? Or great mountain biking nearby? I've been to the Swiss tourism site that show some trails in the area -- but rather sketchy information.

    I am planning on going up to Mulhouse to see at least the end of one stage of Le Tour and I'd have fun on either bike.

  • 03-26-2005
    I just wrote a huge reply, but explorer crashed when I tried to submit it, lost everything.. :(

    So in short...

    Bring both...
    If you can't, bring what you prefer at home...

    I am not that familiar with northwest switzerland (french speaking part, I live in a very german speaking part). I think it would probably be better with road bike, good trails can be hard to find if you don't have time to get familiar with the area. Graubunden, Tecino and middle switzerland are probably better for MTB. Difficult to say really.

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