Anybody have experience with the newer Raleighs?
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    Anybody have experience with the newer Raleighs?

    I'm looking at getting a bike for my wife (first serious bike), and she really wanted a Bianchi, but the closest dealers are about 3 hours away and they didn't have what she would want in the right size. I was looking at local bike shops and the brands they have, and I stumbled upon the Raleigh Revere. The Revere 1 has Claris for $750, the 2 adds Sora and disc brakes for $1200, or she could jump to the 3 for $1400 to get 105.
    The Revere 3 is a little more than we expected to spend, but she wanted at least the Sora, and only $200 to jump from Sora to 105 sounds like a pretty great deal, and it comes with disc brakes.
    Anybody have the Revere or the Revenio (the men's version)?

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    I've never owned one, but seriously considered picking up Revenio carbon last year. At the time you were able to purchase just the frame and it was very appealing. I also looked at the Militis, but ended up with a Focus.

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