• 02-19-2015
    Monty Burns
    Hi all,
    someone could tell me the "actual weight" of a medium 101SR frame?
    Only frame, w/paint and hardware but not fork e BB
  • 03-03-2015
    Paid spam: NEW Wilier GT small, Red/white/blue!!!!!
    Buy this frame, or better yet buy this complete bike!!!!

    NEW Wilier Gran Turismo-Small Red/White/Blue!!! - RoadBikeREVIEW.Com
  • 06-21-2015
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    Attachment 306931 new to the forum. Currently living in Italy but will be moving to Texas and bringing back my 2014 gtr Columbia color shimano ultegra 11s and fulcrum race 3. Can't wait.
  • 09-12-2015
    Never a bad reason to bump this thread, so...

    I'm looking to upgrade my 2010 Izoard (size XL). Are the newer Wilier XL sized road frames relatively consistent in geometry? I just want to be sure it's close enough to get matched up with the right stems/spacers.


  • 03-08-2016
    BTT with a pic from last weekend of the Imperiale...

  • 06-30-2016
    Trying out my new Wilier.Attachment 314875
  • 07-03-2016
    Bob Wade
    Might be me, but the attachment does not seem to be working.
  • 07-03-2016
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    Lets try again
  • 08-19-2016
    The latest addition to my family. Love it to bits!

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  • 08-21-2016
    Bob Wade
    Nice! 2016? I have been looking for a GTR SL in yellow to go with my 2011 GT, but no yellow in US. Hope you enjoy the beautiful bike!
  • 08-21-2016

    Originally Posted by Bob Wade View Post
    Nice! 2016? I have been looking for a GTR SL in yellow to go with my 2011 GT, but no yellow in US. Hope you enjoy the beautiful bike!

    That's a GTR Team btw. Yes it's 2016. Loving the ride so far. Got a bit of a chain rub issue on the FD but I put it down to cable stretch. It's everything that the brand is and the review says. Couldn't ask for more. Good luck with the yellow hunt!

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  • 09-16-2016
    Beautiful bike, and I'm considering one myself. Can I ask whether you got the one with the endurance geometry or the one with the racier geometry (apparently the both the Team and the SL are offered in both).
  • 02-21-2017
    Love mine. In Wisconsin.https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/201...2d25e58a4d.jpg

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  • 01-18-2018
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    2011 Izoard XP Rival from Competitive CyclistAttachment 321633
  • 05-14-2018
    Ive used these forums for great information for years but have yet to post until today. I have a 2016 Wilier Twin Blade w/ Dura-Ace Di2, Sram Quarq PM with Rotor Q-Rings, Cobb Fifty-Five saddle, and HED H3D rear/Stinger 6 front wheelset.
    I'll post a pic as can get to laptop.
    I love the bike. For one... It's looks pretty badass! I get compliments and questions everywhere I take it. It's way more comfortable than the Speed Concept I used to ride. In the wise words of John Cobb... "Comfort=Speed." Nothing could be closer to the truth. Its not as light or stiff as the Speed Concept but after getting it dialed in a bit... I averaged faster speed immediately.
    The only issue I have with this bike is that it's, hands down, the most frustrating bike I'ver ever had to work on and maintain. For example... If you want to change the cable housing to rear brake and use compressionless (the only option if you want any kind of braking power with the TRP TTV rear brakes) you must tear the entire cockpit and front fork assembly to fish the stiff housing through the frame. There are no seperate routing holes in the down tube so this can be very time consuming and frustrating. Other than that... I love Wilier's and am looking at buying another.