• 03-02-2008
    How does the new Izoard compare to the Mortirolo? Is the geometry the same in an XXL? I was thinking of getting a Mortirolo but that Izoard looks really nice.
  • 03-07-2008
    I've been told by my LBS - weight is the biggest difference....... From my own personal view of both bikes right next to one-another..... it appears that the fork on the Izoard would be considerably stiffer, for sure that sucker is "thicker" looking. Looking over the Carbon used - I'm pretty sure that the Izoard uses a different Carbon weave that provides the lightness along with a much more controlled ride. If I can recall correctly - they use a better headset in the Izoard as well. I am not sure on geometry - you'd have to check the site for that.

    Not sure about other shops - but my LBS has the priced varied by about 6-bills! That seems a bit high compared to others - but apparently the bike-fitter is the Guru..... So I just chalk it up to that I'm getting his services for the extra buck or two. The other thing that I've found with the variability in price (particularly with the Izoard) is that the Mortirolo comes with a bit more of a pre-packaged spec. And the Izoard has a little more leeway in what the given shop wants to spec the bike with - that could also account for price variance. I've got a brand new set of ROL Volants (and while I had planned on putting on SLs) I'm going to use them for now. So with my rims - my Izoard is going to run me about $3500. With that said - it does have a slightly different spec. than I've seen in some places selling it for less.

    Should be about 2.5 weeks or so......... will post some pics once she arrives! Gotta get through National Boards Next weekend, followed by finals - and then on the way home after 26 exams in 7 days - To the bike shop We Go!

    Now that's how you end an Exam season and start a short break!
  • 03-13-2008
    I will be purchasing a 2008 Wilier izoard soon!! I will post pics when complete!
  • 03-14-2008
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    Hopefully I did this right. I'm trying to attach a photo of my 2008 Izoard, with Campy Record and Fulcrum Zero's. It is a wonderful bike. I took this photo back in December of 2007 right after I took it out of the box. It has been fine tuned since then. I had to reduce the pixels and resize the photo - hopefully this works (first timer).
  • 03-15-2008
    Just ordered my Izoard XXL.
    I'm 6,3" and just ordered an XXL they say should fit well! They fitted me with a Mortiorolo.
  • 03-19-2008
    Where are you getting yours?
  • 03-19-2008
    You will enjoy it! Let us know what you think once you ride it.
  • 03-20-2008
    Well - this day is finally here....... On the eve of the purchase of the New Steed (Izoard) !!!!!!

    Been many years awaiting, but most recently many long hours (20 exams in 6 days..... 3 weeks on-end of hardcore study time..... 5 exams left today & tomorrow - followed by a little side trip to the LBS on the way home from school!)

  • 04-19-2008
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    didn't know the 2006 Lavaredo is so rare...
    not ultralight, but nice, extremely responsive and still not a bit nervous...
  • 05-12-2008

    Originally Posted by GrrIngo
    not ultralight, but nice, extremely responsive and still not a bit nervous...

    Nice bike!!
  • 05-15-2008
    My Wilier Lavaredo
    Hello guys ( and girls)

    I'm a Belgian guy, and I'm new on this forum.
    I'd like to present to you, my Wilier Lavaredo 2005 wich I finished up this weekend.

    Next weekend I will take it out for a ride, to see ( and feel ) how it rides.

    Here are some pictures. Hope you like it.








    My former bike was an Evasion, but I could get this frame at an amazing price, and I went for it. I transfered all the components from my Evasion to this Lavaredo.

    Now I'm collecting components to build up my Evasion as a hybrid.
    If it's ready, I will post some pic's

    But here's allready one of my Evasion, how it was as a racing bike.

  • 06-01-2008
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    My Wilier Triestina Mortirolo
    This is my Wilier Triestina Mortirolo. Chorus/Centaur mix, Campy Eurus wheels, ITM components, San Marco Rever saddle, etc. Love this bike. Wish the top tube were a bit longer though (its about 55cm in Large)
  • 06-02-2008
    Nice bike!! If you only needed a cm or so you use a longer stem. Enjoy it!
  • 06-20-2008
    She's Finally Home!!!!
    Well it's been a good 3+ months for it to arrive, but Man........ is it worth it!!!

    So with out further ado...........

    My 2008 Wilier Izoard w/Chorus

    Took her out for a quick late-n-hot spin...... F...A...S...T.... and WOW is She light!





  • 06-20-2008
    That is a gorgeous bike!! Where did you get it?
  • 06-22-2008
    Awesome bike. I can't wait to get mine built up. Any chance wecan see some more pictures but from a different angle?
  • 07-03-2008
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    2008 Mortirolo with 105 components. This is my first road bike (kinda overkill for a road-bike newbie, I know), which is why I opted for the lower-end components- can always upgrade later. Only have about 50 miles on it, but I LOVE it, plus it's beautiful, and you really don't see many Wilier's on the road....:thumbsup:
  • 07-03-2008
    Nice ride, enjoy it!!
  • 07-08-2008
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    My bike may be a tad older but putting on some fresh wheels sure brings new life to her!
  • 07-08-2008
    No Doubt!

    Looks Great!!!

    Enjoy the ride!!!
  • 07-09-2008
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    Just picked up a 2004 Wilier Alpe D'Huez
    Hope the photo loads - I can't see it in preview. Anyway, I am loving the bike. Early days, only about 250 miles or so. Campy Record group set and Mavic Kyserium Elite wheels. I grabbed it on the Bay for $1,076 which I thought was a steal.....

  • 08-11-2008
    2004 Wilier Alpe d'Huez cross bike
    My 2004 Wilier Alpe D'Huez cyclocross w/ Ultegra/Ritchey Logic/FSA. I think this particular frame is a bit of a rare bird (note the cabling on the top tube). Nicest bike I've ever owned...

  • 08-31-2008
  • 09-02-2008
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    My '08 Le Roi

    Originally Posted by Wilier_Willy
    Post a pick if you've got one.

    Here's mine I just built a few weeks ago.
  • 09-21-2008
    What are the sizes of your respective Wilier ?