Dogma f8 - ride review

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  • 09-18-2015

    Originally Posted by mimason View Post
    thanks Andre Greipel for the review. We can rest assured knowing that this bike is not intended for gorillas.

    joke aside, i'm with you on the 25s being a close fit but I've seen wheels out of dish causing this too.

    Regarding flex, Im 84kg, admittedly not a sprinter but can get in breaks and keeps some power down on the pedals and can't agree with you on the flexy rear. I feel that it's fine and feels like it stands me up out of the saddle. I ride a 54 but maybe the larger frames are not built to scale the load like my standard size.

    He he I'm better looking than Griepel :)

    It's another slant on the other reviews being offered - hope someone finds of use. Go well.
  • 09-18-2015

    Look at the noodle doing work.

    Go ride your Chinese knock-off and stay off the boards.
  • 09-18-2015
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    MMsRep Bike - well done for a well constructed retort, very well thought out and put together - Viviani is a 70kg ride max. I bow to your genius.

    My Bike isn't a knock off: Attachment 309284
    Photo taken in the valley above Nice near Auron.
  • 09-18-2015
    Cinelli 82220

    Originally Posted by satcomjets View Post
    Argh and up surfaces from the depths the unhealthy cynic.

    Another possibility is that some people disagree with you.

    If I didn't like my Pina I would get something else. Talking about "dick swinging" is just insulting. I weigh over 80kg and I'm plenty strong, my primary sports are MMA and weightlifting. Dogma is fine by me.