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    Quote Originally Posted by PaxRomana View Post
    One more time for the cheap seats. If it says "Dogma 2" and the fork is the same as the Dogma 1, then IT IS A FAKE.
    Also, just looking at the paint job on the fake Dogma frames, you can tell it's not the Real thing!!

    I also looking at the chainstay on the fake Dogma frames, it's not the same.
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    Who's buying these fakes?

    Who's buying these fakes? Are they guys that want bragging right, and have a Dogma frame hanging on their wall? I wonder if theyre actually cyclists.

    A Dogma frame is a useless piece of resin and carbon, unless you're a rider, and can actually appreciate it's nuances.

    Most serious cyclists and competitors are pretty astute and fairly well educated. And I would like to think they wouldn't bite on a too good to be true deal. Other guys and gals in the pack are sure to know a fake Dogma.

    I'll never buy a bike on-line, and instead will support my local pro shop and keep the money in the community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Backflush View Post
    That is the problem with the new Pinarello clone RFM201 from Great Keen. I cannot tell the difference so I will always assume any frame being sold as a Pinarello on Ebay is a fake.

    I would like one because they are inexpensive, but would put my last name on the frame.
    I hate the counterfeits!!! But ironically, whether it's real, counterfeit, or Pinarello look-alike (with Chinarello decal); they look ugly with that stupid gimmick wavy forks and seat stays.

    But for sure, the real one has a fake "Made in Italy." (Yeah, I know it's not against the law to put this sticker) LOL
    This dude says ".....'made in Italy'... This is one of the very few high end road bike that you will see, that is still made in anyone European country...."
    The 2011 Pinarello Dogma - Made in Italy - Sold at PV Cycling Center - YouTube

    Our frames are made in Far East, where the mass production of raw frames is based. The following production phases, such as painting and assembling, are completed in Villorba, Italy, in our factory. The material used in most of our products comes basically from Japan, the best supplier of carbon fibers worldwide. Our partner Toray (renowned for its collaboration with important aerospace and automobile companies) provides exclusively to Cicli Pinarello the best carbon in the market, used on Dogma, Kobh, Graal and so on.
    LOL to the words that I underline. The real one come with the best magical carbon in the market from Toray (provided exclusively to Pinarello)! Sounds like Pinarello is a very important company (the center of the bicycle world).

    It reminds me of the Vatican (once a center of the universe).

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    very fake!! check the chain stay, it has to be straight and not curve.

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    Its best said in the movie Armageddon by the Russian cosminot as the international space station breaks apart;

    "Russian components, American components, ALL MADE IN TAIWAN!! "

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