Famed Nazi Hunter, Holocaust Surviro Simon Wiesenthal dies at age 96...
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    Famed Nazi Hunter, Holocaust Survivor Simon Wiesenthal dies at age 96...


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    RIP. The rest is deserved, earned through a lifetime of efforts in the pursuit of Justice.
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    Heard him speak in the 1970s

    I attended a lecture that Wiesenthal gave when I was in college. This was before the Holocaust and Holocaust studies had the prominence that they have today. Wiesenthal spoke eloquently and had a gift for grabbing one's attention. If it were not for Wiesenthal and others like him, I think that the Holocaust largely would have been forgotten over time. His death is a reminder that the number of people who lived through and survived the Holocaust is becoming smaller every day. One can look at old photographs and watch the History Channel 24/7. But, hearing about the Holocaust from a survivor brings a perspective that photos and newsreels cannot.
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