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    Full Circle

    The American experiment in oligarchy lasted from the founding fathers to women's suffrage in 1920. It's hard to claim democracy when half the population can't vote.

    Today, while everyone can vote, about half the population, men and women, once again support an oligarchy.

    The oligarchs are working hard to convince the population that a Russian style oligarchy is best for the US, preventing the gays, Mexicans and atheist from ruining a perfectly good white theocracy.

    Not that the oligarchs themselves believe much of the hooey they and their henchmen in the government preach, but they know that about half the population will buy anything and they only need a couple of percent more to be in control.

    And why would a couple percent switch sides? Single issue voters. They don't like gun grabbers, they like 'welfare queens', they don't like equal rights for lgbtq, they don't like 'elites', they don't like college professors telling them how to think.
    Pick one.

    And so what once worked by law, now works by marketing and manipulation. And if Trump wins reelection in 2020 you'll know that on the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage and American democracy, the oligarchs have taken over, again.

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    I view the 2 party system as one of our major flaws. As you said, there are too many people who know what party they are going to vote for before they even know who is running.

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    And it’s a rigged system. How the hell is Biden the “favorite” right now and why was the Starbucks guy run out of town before even announcing his candidacy?

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    An electorate stupid enough to elect Trump get the government they deserve.
    What's the Matter with Kansas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by feh View Post
    An electorate stupid enough to elect Trump get the government they deserve.
    Unfortunately, the rest of us get that same government.
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    The problem is (1) your government is not likely to represent your interest, because they can't afford to, and (2) the non-democratic Electoral College.

    1. The reason is the US system has been increasingly corrupted over the past 60 year (the advent of TV started the current trend). Elections shouldn't be never-ending nor should elections be so expensive that special interest funding blunts the will and mutes the voice of the people.

    2. The practical implication of the Electoral College system is that the minority controls the majority over legislation, over executive position, and over the judicial. This was established as a compromise for slavery states to agree to the the new Constitution. Withing 40 years 70% of EC will be decided by 30% of the population. A house that divided can not stand.

    That light you see 40 years down the road isn't just a out-dated EC system.

    1. Social Security will be headed into negative funding.

    2.Financing the nation debt will consume huge chunks of government spending without large tax increases. Foreign powers will have Uncle Sam (and you) over a barbell because increasing they will own more.

    3. All this assume clmate change will not no cost nor implicaitons on the future.
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