Mark Cuban For President 2020
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    Mark Cuban For President 2020

    Looks like the political landscape is changing going forward. No more career politicians when the field is open to billionaires. What better way to cut out the middleman and save on campaign contribution to buy the politician. Old news but I think it still applies.

    "Win or lose in November, Donald Trump has already had a profound effect on politics going forward. That effect? To change the way we think about who can and should run for president and who has a chance of actually being elected to that job.

    Trump's candidacy was initially greeted as either (a) a joke or (b) totally irrelevant by "smart" people who "cover politics for a living." It was neither. And what it told every non-traditional candidate particularly those with money and time on their hands was that the idea of them being president was not as far-fetched as everyone always told them it was."

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    He's got the reality show qualifications, which is big, but if the Dems want to counter the absurd with absurd I'm thinking Michael Moore would be a better choice.

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    The Bushies were a many-times millionaire dynasty. The Kennedys were billionaires first. And were POTUS first. How about Reagan, he was crazy rich as well.

    Things have not changed as much as you thought re: monetary value. The intelligence and diplomat bar certainly has plummeted.
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    Its long - its truthful - and its the yoke around the GOP's neck which will lead them to future success or the political junk yard.

    The Continuing History Of The Republican Alternative To Obamacare | The Huffington Post

    As pointed out here, the initial signs of a grass-roost GOP backlash has been showing signs of life.
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