PEGGY NOONAN: Throwing a monkey wrench in the economy
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    PEGGY NOONAN: Throwing a monkey wrench in the economy

    Job-hopping Washington party girl and right-wing propagandist extraordinaire Peggy Noonan attempts to subvert American business by exhorting citizens to "stay home," instead of going out to shop, buy things, and aid our national economy:

    "People deserve a day off if what they do is nonessential. Selling a toy, a jacket, even a rose is nonessential.

    Black Friday—that creepy sales bacchanal in which the lost, the lonely, the stupid and the compulsive line up before midnight Friday to crash through the doors, trampling children and frightening clerks along the way—is bad enough, enough of a blight on the holiday.

    But Thanksgiving itself? It is the day the Pilgrims invented to thank God to live in such a place as this, the day Abe Lincoln formally put aside as a national time of gratitude for the sheer fact of our continuance. It's more important than anyone's bottom line. That's a hopelessly corny thing to say, isn't it? Too bad. It's true.

    Oh, I hope people don't go. I hope it's a big flop.

    Stay home, America."

    Stay Home, America -

    Doesn't she remember, during our national nightmare of 9/11, how good the advice to "go shopping" was??

    Santa's going to be very disappointed in her!! She deserves a lump of coal in her turkey, that's for sure!!

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    I agree with her. I spent most of my 20s working in retail. And I think its disgusting how retail is trying to do away with thanksgiving just because they can't turn it into a retail holladay. I normally won't go near any place that isn't selling food or bikes from now till the new year.

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    I agree 100%. I wish my left-wing city council would just outlaw store openings during this time, or better, mandate triple time payments to the clerks.

    Found myself shopping yesterday with my kid in from college. Just happenstance. What a pleasure! The stores had decent traffic, but the prices were good and no crowds.

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    lulz @ Nooners


    maybe the "vibrations" aren't right for shopping.

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    wow... probably the only time me and Pegs will be on the same page.

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