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    SHUTDOWN: $ Cost

    I'm hearing it will cost $32 billion if it lasts to the end of the week, total economic impact.

    I also see $55 billion over four weeks.

    Bloomberg is more optimistic, saying "at least" $300 million per day and increasing, but it depends obviously on how you calculate.

    May I remind us that this is totally unnecessary and totally stupid?

    And has little to do with Obamacare, which goes forward?

    And that it's our money that we sometimes like to hang on to?

    Down the toilet? Nice.

    Added to the deficit.

    Not that the people who are doing it care about you or anything else.

    2 points off GDP if it lasts through the month. The messed-up GOP owns that.

    Shutdown Will Cost U.S. Economy $300 Million a Day, IHS Says - Bloomberg
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    blame all.. not just GOP.... wouldn't need a CR if the senate would vote on anything that looked like a budget.. it's kinda been 5 years you know.

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    hopefully, this the biggest cost will be in votes for the hacks who perpetuate this farce.
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    We, the American people, are to blame for this mess.

    The politicians we elect are just doing our bidding. The constituency mandates they bring back as much of the pork back to the district and ensure we get as many entitlements as possible. If they don’t, they’re out come the next election. The notion of legislation for the betterment of the nation as a whole has been replaced by a “screw the other guy, I’ve got mine” mentality.

    Some politicians go to Washington with the best intentions, only to be lured into the opium den of the special interest. Our nation has been politically galvanized to the extremes of the left and right because we’ve become so myopic in believing compromise equals weakness.

    We are wallowing in our own excrement brought about by our apathy in the democratic process and lack of holding ourselves culpable for the shortcoming of our elected officials.

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