So suck it, Dems:

"A small number of noncitizens allegedly voted in Ohio, the state’s chief election official said, but he sought to assuage concerns about election integrity by noting that voter fraud is extremely rare.*

More than 350 suspected noncitizens allegedly registered to vote or cast a ballot in the 2018 midterm election in Ohio, Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose said Wednesday.

He said in a news release that he had referred the cases to the state’s attorney general for potential prosecution. Of those cases, 77 people reportedly cast a ballot, and 277 others are suspected of registering but not voting.

'Thanks to the controls and processes of our election system, both voter fraud and voter suppression are exceedingly rare and certainly not as systemic as some claim,' said Mr. LaRose."

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*(It's not clear how he deduced that voter suppression is "exceedingly rare" from counting allegedly fraudulent ballots, but Mr. LaRose unfortunately outs himself as a RINO with his statement about how "exceedingly rare" vote fraud; true patriots know how bigly problematic vote fraud is--just ask this guy:

For the math-impaired, I've calculated the level of fraudulent voting in my state (where Republican domination is all-but total); I assumed that of the "more than 350 suspected noncitizens allegedly registered to vote or cast a ballot," at least 300 were actually illegally voting, and not just illegally registered. As you can see, there can be no more question about voter fraud--it allegedly happened:

300 illegal votes / 4500000 votes cast in Ohio's 2018 elections works out to 0.00006666667%

If one restricts the illegal vote count to the "77 people [who] reportedly cast a ballot, that number works out to 0.00001711111%.

Voter turnout here was a bit over half of the number of the eight million registered Buckeyes, so assuming higher turnout levels in 2020, we may well have hundreds of allegedly fraudulent votes appear.

And they say voter ID laws aren't needed! Take that, Dems!