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    Quote Originally Posted by kiwisimon View Post
    Nice spin NOT based on the facts, where did you get that doosei of an idea I wonder.

    FACTS follow==========>>>>>>A sitting president cannot be indicted

    Mueller began by noting that the Office of Legal Counsel in the White House wrote in a 2000 memo that sitting presidents can’t be indicted because it would undermine their ability to oversee the nation’s criminal justice system. But he adds that doesn’t mean that a special counsel couldn’t investigate a presidential actions, since charges could be brought after they’ve left office.

    “Given those considerations, the facts known to us, and the strong public interest in safeguarding the integrity of the criminal justice system, we conducted a thorough factual investigation in order to preserve the evidence when memories were fresh and documentary materials were available,” he wrote.

    This is a credible source, do you have one to support your stated opinion?
    Mueller Report: Why Mueller Didn't Charge Trump With Obstruction | Time

    Perhaps (so far) the most powerful argument for Mueller to testify before Congress.

    BTW - White House lawyers once advised GW Bush torture was legal too. Seems this cozy in-house relationship can muddy up legal opinions ... well in my opinion as a tax payer.
    I am 100% convinced the internet and social media are not the salvation to human civility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wookiebiker View Post
    As has been said many, many times before ... as well as in the Mueller Report ... he didn't charge the POTUS with Obstruction was because of a longstanding policy within the DOJ that sitting Presidents can't be indicted.

    If the DOJ isn't going to indict under any circumstances ... what's the point of putting it in the report?

    Mueller did what he needed to do, he laid a "Road Map" for impeachment through Obstruction of Justice. Then handed it over to Congress for follow up, as it's Congress's job to follow through with impeachment (the only punishment that can be dolled out to a sitting President). However, this is a stretch because of a GOP held Senate that has done nothing but have their nose up Trumps jock strap.

    So ... until Trump is no longer POTUS, there is little the DOJ or any other law enforcement agency can do. It's up to the House and Senate to act ... and Trump has thrown up as many road blocks to hinder any investigation by the House, and the Senate won't investigate anything Trump does as long as it's controlled by the GOP.

    So ... here we sit with idiots that think Trump was found innocent because he wasn't indicted, congress at a stalemate, Trump blocking everything and the American people split in half and dividing further and further every day.

    What a great time to be alive
    That's the rub isn't it. If the progressives in the house got their wish and the house decided to go for impeachment, the GOP in the Senate are going rally around Trump. They may not like him but the would coming to his side to protect him. The Trump cheer leading squad has done an effective job of convincing 40% of the pop. that he did nothing wrong and that it's all political (Still waiting for them to just come out and say "Hillary personally dictated the dossier and provided doctored photos to Steele and then drove him down to FBI HQ. Hell, they've said just about everything else).

    Pelosi understands this and is playing her cards right. Up until now she has been a pretty effective cat herder. The DNC is running a real chance of blowing the 2020 election. Don't know if the latest progressives see this. Or, they see it and don't care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by exracer View Post
    The Trump cheer leading squad has done an effective job of convincing 40% of the pop. that he did nothing wrong and that it's all political
    I dunno. I think it's more like 10% think he did nothing wrong, and 30% say he did nothing wrong, but know he did something wrong and don't give a $#it because he's 'their guy'.
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