Unzue, Valverde, Mas, and Soler held a press conference (on line) and basically it was to let everyone know the outline of the calendar for the team. All 3 leaders will go to Burgos and the Dauphine, then Soler will take a team to Italy for T-A and the Giro while Mas and Valverde will take a team to the Tour and Vuelta. The team going to the classics is going to made up of mostly younger riders. They were asked about the Froome to Movistar rumors which are just that and they seemed to find it entertaining for a few days knowing it was never going to happen. Valverde was asked about extending his career and he said he's been seriously considering it but that they need to ask Unzue if he even wants him back for more years. Unzue's response was that he can't tell Valverde no and of course they would be happy to have him race longer. Unzue also said that he believes as long as Valverde still has his current or close to current level he's going to keep coming back and asking for another year and another year will always be granted. Soler is very happy to have a team fully for himself for the Giro. Mas expressed how excited he is to have leadership of a team for the Giro and even more excited to be racing with Valverde because he feels there is so much to learn. He specifically said Valverde is always capable of winning and always there that he's never out of it. I need to learn from him. Valverde for his part is looking forward to teaching.