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    Post your questions here...

    Just to be perfectly frank... I am of the opinion that Floyd did it, but thats not why I am writing this. I dont want to debate or argue this as its been beaten to death. On the same day that KPCW sent me a copy of Floyd's book... I find out the guy on the other side of the cube from me went to high school with Floyd.

    So, once I found this out... I said he thinks that Floyd is innocent. I said guilty... but either way... I didnt want to argue with him, cuz he just knows the guy and teased him in high school.

    So, if you found out the guy over the cube went to school with such a controversial character... what would you ask him?

    I will forward them on if you are at all interested. But anyway... apparently they used to make fun of Floyds glasses all the time. I guess he had a pair of those lenses that darken in the light, and Floyds never worked right, so it would look like he was wearing shades in class and ... I guess for whatever reason they gave him quite a bit of grief over that and his clothes.
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    By coincidence, my neighbor also went to school with Floyd. I'm an unabashed Floyd fan. I was told Floyd was very quiet and not someone you'd expect to go on to such fame, or infamy, as the case may be. I also believe he did it, but it doesn't change my hope for the future of the sport. And I still can't wait to see Floyd on the MTB scene this year.
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    What was up with Floyd's moustache?
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    did he shave his legs and wear lycra while in high school? glasses would have been the least of his worries if he went to my school

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