TdF '20 Stage 19 Sep 18 Discussn Thread Spoiler Alert!
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    TdF '20 Stage 19 Sep 18 Discussn Thread Spoiler Alert!

    TdF '20 Stage 19 Sep 18 Discussn Thread Spoiler Alert!

    Here we are at the final weekend of Le Tour! This has been a great tour to follow, in many ways.

    The Tour route often has a great mountain at this point, the Friday before the final Sunday, but not this year. Instead, we have a merciful 100-miler of moderate hills. We should expect the GC hopefuls, now a narrow well-defined group, to check each other, and allow a big breakaway of non-threatening riders to get away. The time for a big breakout by a GC has come and gone.

    Since this is really the final day to impress the sponsors, we may see a great deal of combativity off the front. Sprint points two-thirds into the route will add to that fire. The route is fairly straight, but in the final 25 miles there are six or seven sharp turns, with four in the final five miles. This gives opportunity to spread things out a bit and get some camera time. Teams will be jostling to get their sprinter in good position. Y'all, watch out for Sagan's elbows!

    Of course, with the turns and the speed in the end, no GC contender will want to get caught if the yellow jersey group breaks up. In terms of the overall contest, this will be the one aspect to watch for.

    The final turn is at about the final half KM, and the run-in is straight from that point. This final 25 miles actually makes something of a circuit around the finish point, so riders will have wind from all points. The wind is supposed to be very moderate, at or under 5MPH, out of the west. Temps will be warm, in the mid-80s. Low chance of rain.

    This will be Champagnole. No Champagne for the riders yet; this is not the Champagne region, but is merely similarly named. Riders will have to roll for two more days before bubbly. But, getting close!

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    At the risk of this becoming a standard post, the battle for the Green might make this a very fast start. The sprint is at around 120k so it could be tough for Bennett to hang on. I guess Ewan will only be interested in making the time cut to make sure he gets to Paris

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    I was pulling for Peter to make some headway against the Green jersey, it would make the Paris finale more interesting, but..... oh well - you can't keep winning it forever. Congrats to Sam Bennett!

    The Ineos collapse was fun to watch. No rider in Top Ten. Only 2 riders in Top 50. Credits to Carapaz and Kwiakowski on stage 18 for 'saving' their Tour with a stage win and Polka Dots. That would be a good result, for Teams with 1/2 the Ineos budget and talent. Brailsford is hoping for Geraint to save his decision making @ Giro. And Ineos will need a Froome back-up for Vuelta.
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