TdF '20 Stage 3 Discussion Thread. Mon. Aug 31. Spoiler Alert.
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    TdF '20 Stage 3 Discussion Thread. Mon. Aug 31. Spoiler Alert.

    With Stage 3, the Tour leaves the spectators at Nice and begins to cross the country. This stage is a 120-miler with no major climbs but serious elevation gain along the way. Fairly twisty roads. The weather looks great. The final miles run north, and wind is expected to be out of the north, so they may have a headwind. Wind is expected to be mild overall, but in the hills there are a lot of exceptions to the overall trend. The finish runs up a river valley, which may have the wind a bit stronger than 5mph.

    It seems to offer enough terrain for a breakaway to survive. There will be a MJ to protect, and so the pace could be pretty high. The rest of the week is typical first-week, good for the sprinters, so there may be a few dreams of an outstanding breakaway, given the couple of recovery days possible before next weekend.

    After the final peak, the final run-in is a very mild, straight, level 25 miles into Sisteron. This may allow the peloton to eat up any breakaway, or allow echelons to collapse. The final mile may have a sharp turn or two, making for the typical small-town-finish mayhem that is one of the spectacles of the Tour. Stage 2 and Stage 3 are the playground for Sagan, so we may see him up front a lot.

    Stage 1 obviously was rough, with many going down. There were already 3 withdrawals by the start of Stage 2, and there are certainly more hurting, to varying degrees. Stages 2 and 3 may shake out a few more riders. It is terrible to see a great rider like Degenkolb have to drop out. It would be terrible to hear that someone like Pinot has been hurting too much and decides to drop. If riders can make it through this Stage 3, they get a couple days of relative ease on Stages 4 and 5.

    So, as far as early-Tour stages goes, Stage 3 could get interesting.

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    Dang, Caleb really came out of nowhere. Great sprint.

    And it's too bad about Perez. Cofidis really needs a win or a jersey.

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