• 07-16-2012
    Top 3 overall will emerge from what? The current top 10? Top 12? Top 8? Top 4?
    Classifications - Tour de France 2012

    In the current overall standings for yellow jersey in Paris, Janez Brajkovik is in 8th place, at 7 minutes 30 seconds behind Wiggins.

    9th place is Pierre Rolland, at yet another minute.

    Van den Broek is in 5th, at 5 minutes back, and Zubeldia is in 6th at over 6 minutes.

    So, the field has really become spread out.

    With a week left, is it possibly someone could move from as far back as seven minutes to be third/on the podium?

    Are the eventual Top 3 somewhere in the current top five? Top four?
  • 07-16-2012
    Wiggins/Froome/Evans is my prediction.
  • 07-16-2012

    Originally Posted by gusmahler View Post
    Wiggins/Froome/Evans is my prediction.

    I think that's a good prediction.
  • 07-16-2012
    I'm going Wiggins/Froome/Nibali

    We've still only seen maybe one true attack from Nibali (well twice on the same climb) and I think either he's all mouth or he's kept something back
  • 07-16-2012

    I think Nibali will put more time between him and Evans on Stage 17... Might even reduce the gap to Wiggo and probably will get ahead of Froome (If Froome stays behind to help Wiggo). On the TT both Wiggo and Froome will put time ahead of Nibali, Cadel might reduce the gap but not enough to get ahead of Nibali.

    This tour has not been for the pure climbers. With only three mountain top finishes it makes it very tough for them to gain time on the TTers that can climb. All other mountain stages have had plenty of distance from the summit to the finish that the GC contenders can easily regroup.