Viewing question...Devils Gulch.
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    Viewing question...Devils Gulch.

    We're in town for vacation in Estes Park, after checking out the race route and the local area, we would like to watch the riders come up this climb. We drove through it today, but other than that have never been here or watched a pro race in person.

    Soo, locals or people "in the know"...what do I need to know? Where will we be able to park? What time should we get there?
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    I just had to walk up Devil's Gulch last week on the Tour de Cure century route. I then proceeded to have a bad asthma attack when I got to the top. I recovered after some albuterol and rest and rocked the rest of the ride. I would maybe get up early and just drive as close to the area as you can and maybe just ask people in the area. You guys are all there for the same thing. That's my best advice. I live in Fort Collins. Good luck and welcome to Colorado.
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