What about the sprinters?
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    What about the sprinters?

    All the attention is on the yellow. What about the green?

    What are your picks for the points race.
    I think the following will podium
    Robbie McEwen
    Stuart O'Grady

    I would like to so Cipo do well also. What I would like to see is LA get yellow and Cipo get Green but Cipo is a long shot this year.

    The trouble with the TdF points race is that there are significant number of points after big hills. This gives classic sprinters and sprinter teams troubles. The winning sprinter needs at least decent hill climbing ability to get in a position to sprint for those points.

    I have not taken the time to look a the course in regards to the points race to see how and who it will effect.

    So, what are your thoughts and picks?

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    this is the toughest tour in a long time

    so I gotta pull for the toughest sprinter out there
    he may do it with 2nds and 3rds but I bet many of the 'now faster' sprinters who may take sprints early will not see the Champs. EZ can possibly get soe inter pts as well on rolling stages or slightly hilly when the majority of sprinters are in the Grupetto.
    McEwan and Cooke are my other 2 choices. I don't think the Italians will finish.

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    Boonen for green. Petacchi gets most stage wins but won't finish.

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    Petacchi will win the Green. He will finish.

    I was in Paris in 1990 when Johan won the final stage. Cool, very cool.
    I hope Cipo wins the final stage this year and retires on the spot.

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